Public Speaking Class

Delegation Presentation

Public Speaking Powerpoint Presentation

Report to AVMA BOD March 2016

WVLDI Spring 2015 Report to the AVMA Board of Directors

This report presents highlights of WVLDI activities from January to April 2015. It was reviewed and discussed by the AVMA Board of Directors at their April meeting.

AVMA VLC Handout on Diversity & Inclusion

This handout was distributed to the attendees at the Emerging Leaders Networking Event on January 8, 2015 at the AVMA’s Veterinary Leadership Conference (VLC).

Women of Vetlandia Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation expounds on the concept of “Vetlandia,” coined by our very own Dr. Doug Aspros. This presentation outlines why the WVLDI formed and what the organization is doing to promote the participation of women veterinarians in organized veterinary medicine leadership.

WVLDI Fall 2020 Newsletter

The purpose of WVLDI is to strengthen and elevate our profession by creating an inclusive professional community.

Student Code of Conduct

Express Yourself Notes

Communication Webinar

October 2015 Press Release

October 2015 Press Release announcing the new WVLDI board members.

2015 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference Presentation

This presentation was given to an audience of AVMA leaders, other VMA leaders, aspiring veterinary leaders, and VMA association executives.

Dr. Rachel Cezar's AVMA Presentation

Dr. Cezar delivered this powerful presentation about her career path during the WVLDI Symposium at the 2014 AVMA Convention.

Work-Life Balance Presentation

Dr. Lori Teller describes her take on work-life balance in this PowerPoint presentation as she took part in a panel discussion sponsored by the WVLDI at the 2014 North American Veterinary Conference.

Veterinary Medicine Today: If it’s raining women, why is it reigned by men?

Discussion for 2013 VLC Future Leaders Roundtable facilitated by Karen Bradley, DVM, HAC Chair.

Professional Etiquette Factsheet

Professional Etiquette Powerpoint Presentation

Communication is the Key - Powerpoint Presentation

Report to AVMA BOD August/September 2015

Suggested Reading & References for 2015 VLC Presentation

This document contains numerous references that provided data and background for the WVLDI’s presentation given at the 2015 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference (VLC). Presenters included Drs. Doug Aspros, Karen Bradley, Rene Carlson, Eva Evans, Stacy Pritt, and Lori Teller.

Karen Bradley's Presentation at Cornell

WVLDI President Dr. Karen Bradley spoke to the veterinary students at Cornell earlier this month. Her fabulous presentation is attached. Enjoy!

Dr. Don Smith Article: Leadership Considerations for 21st Century Veterinarians

Dr. Don Smith has a way with words, and this piece he wrote for the Tennessee VMA newsletter is no exception! Read this wonderful synopsis of where we are in veterinary leadership and where we should go as soon as possible. (Posted with permission from the author.)

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