What advice would you give to young people who aspire to be veterinarians?

I recommend that they get a variety of experiences and be open to the varied options available to veterinarians. For me, the variety of paths you can take as a veterinarian was what solidified my desire to go to vet school. It really helped me to know that this was the right career path.

What surprises you about how you got where you are now?

I didn’t think I would buy a practice during a pandemic! Just the timing of things is not really what I expected, but it is how it happened! I could always see myself owning a practice, but the path and timing are surprising.

Tell us about your non-veterinary related passion projects/hobbies.

Like everything in my life, it involves variety – I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and being outdoors, which is convenient in COVID times. I also enjoy music and I like to dance. I was trained in ballet and then I did jazz, tap, hip-hop, swing, flamenco, all sorts of dance. In non-pandemic times, I have season tickets to musical theater. I have a nice garden but am still learning the Florida climate after growing up in New England.

This is a four-part series on Dr. Rebecca Steers!