Meet Dr. Rebecca Steers

I have been involved in organized veterinary medicine for over a decade, and I can honestly say that Dr. Rebecca Steers is one of the key forces for my involvement. I first saw Rebecca as she was finalizing her term as the National Student AVMA President. I was a first year veterinary student and newly elected SAVMA Delegate at my very first national meeting, trying to find my place in this profession. The House of Delegates was dissolving the Constitution and replacing it with Bylaws in order to update the organization to be more nimble, responsive, and relevant. This was a monumental task, both in undertaking and importance.

To be perfectly honest, it was a horribly tedious meeting. Through it all, Rebecca kept the organization focused and on task – which I promise you was no easy feat. I watched her lead and navigate and thought to myself … I could do that. I could stand there. I had a role model, someone who looked just like me, standing, fearless, in front of an organization that with unlimited potential to affect the future of veterinary medicine.

So began my leadership journey, which most recently includes the WVLDI Presidency. As I finish my time with WVLDI – seven years – it seems only fitting that I proudly introduce one of the first people to show me what we could truly do as veterinary leaders.

WVLDI Followers, I give you a veterinary leader, US Army Veteran, practice owner, and our outgoing Treasurer, Dr. Rebecca Steers.

Intro written by Dr. Bridget Heilsberg

This is a four-part series on Dr. Rebecca Steers!