Thank you for considering the Student Director position! We are excited to have a student on the Board of Directors, and truly believe that your voice and opinions are crucial for both our organization and the profession as a whole. We take the Student Director position seriously, and you will be considered a valued and equal member of the WVLDI Board of Directors.

The responsibilities that come with the Student Director position are focused on increasing communication between WVLDI and the veterinary student body. Please make sure that you read the list of responsibilities, and do not hesitate to ask questions of the current Student Director (Dr. Danielle Adney,

Eligible applicants:
-First year veterinary student at an AVMA-accredited institution
-Student in good standing
-Have demonstrated interest in leadership development throughout previous experiences
-Have read and are willing to fulfill the position responsibilities as outlined for the Student Director position (below)

The applicant needs to ensure that the following items are delivered to the WVLDI Student Director via email no later than 10pm CST the day of the application deadline (12/6/19).

-Completed WVLDI Application (this form).
-Current resume or CV.
-One letter of reference highlighting the student’s responsibility and leadership.

The Student Director will serve a 2 year term and have the following responsibilities (subject to change):

1) Maintain the Student Director Google Drive and Gmail address by answering e-mails and keeping an annually updated list of WVLDI Student Chapters, Chapter Officers, and Chapter Advisors.

2) Be the main point of contact for students and WVLDI Student Chapter Representatives. In this responsibility, the Student Director will:

-Field questions and concerns from students and WVLDI Student Chapter representatives.
-Periodically solicit feedback from students to understand their experiences and concerns.
-Distribute information from the WVLDI Board to the students via a list-serv and/or Facebook group.
-Be the first point of contact for any students or administrators wishing to form a WVLDI Student Chapter. They will answer questions, share the Starter Kit, and offer continued support.
-Establish contact with all chapters before the beginning of each semester in order to facilitate information flow and ensure that student chapters are operating in accordance with WVLDI policies and procedures.

3) In addition, the Student Director will:
-Coordinate contact with the SAVMA Liaison to ensure effective communication and to secure WVLDI presence at the annual SAVMA Symposium.
-Attend monthly conference calls of the Board of Directors.
-Attend the Board of Directors in-person meeting held once a year at the annual AVMA Convention.
-Facilitate the transition period between Student Directors by actively encouraging and recruiting new WVLDI Student Director Applicants, coordinating and organizing the application distribution, turning over access to the Student Director Google Drive any other responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the WVLDI Board of Directors.

Upon submission of this form you will receive an email indicating our receipt of your application. Again, do not hesitate to ask questions ( and thank you for applying! Give it your all, and good luck!

Essay Questions:

Pick one experience or person from your past that inspired you in terms of leadership and explain how it/they inspires your leadership style. (500 word limit) *

Why do you want to be the WVLDI Student Director? (500 words)