With the launch of our new website, we’ve decided to spotlight each of the WVLDI Board Members so you can get to know your leadership better! Check back regularly for more spotlights on WVLDI Board Members and other veterinarians who inspire! 

Spotlight: WVLDI President Dr. Stacy Pritt

Q: Tell us a little bit of background info: where you’re from, how you/when you decided to become a vet, what vet school you graduated from, etc.  

A: Like almost every other veterinarian, I decided that I wanted to become a veterinarian while I was around 10 years old.  This was mainly due to witnessing my father, who was a general contractor, build a veterinary clinic for a local veterinarian.  By the time I graduated from veterinary school (Washington State University, 1997), I had decided that I wanted to have a career in biomedical research.

Q: Tell us about your current role/position and brief description. Feel free to include past positions as well.

A: I transitioned into biomedical research after spending 3 ½ years in private practice.  I have held numerous positions in research but am currently in a regulatory compliance role.

Q: How and when did you become involved with WVLDI? 

A: In 2013 was fortunate to join Karen Bradley and 8 other individuals to found the WVLDI.  This came about primarily due to our leadership positions within the AVMA and desire to grow organized veterinary medicine with talented leaders, increase the presence of female leaders given that our profession is over 50% female, and create an understanding of the unique challenges that female veterinarians face in today’s veterinary workplace.

Q: What motivates you/inspires you to continue leadership activity within our profession? Particularly, why do you believe in WVLDI’s mission? 

A: I am excited to help shape our profession in light of the dramatic societal and culture shifts we are experiencing right now, shifts that have never been seen before in human history.  We have to leverage our strengths, rise above our limitations, and collectively move forward to advance our profession.  This takes leadership, and the WVLDI exists to help develop the leadership potential in each veterinarian.