Reflections from Dr. Danielle Alleman, DVM

A robust professional network has been the cornerstone of my career development over the last three years, playing a pivotal role in finding new job opportunities, making my career more sustainable, and building meaningful connections within our profession. For me, leveraging tools like social media, active networking, and participation in professional groups has created a powerful professional network that helps drive my own career growth and fulfillment.

In 2019, I was starting to feel professionally isolated, unhappy in my career, and wondering if I was cut out to be in veterinary medicine. The following year in 2020, feeling burnt out and craving connection with others, I decided to use my social media platforms to connect with other veterinary professionals. I wasn’t sure what I was looking to find, but very quickly I started to establish relationships with other veterinarians who shared similar experiences to me, and relationships started to form. Since 2020, I have built upon this network, and my career is forever changed because of it. I realized I am passionate about workplace culture, and am currently working on my Masters in Organizational Psychology. I changed my job from general practice, to relief work, to part-time ER, and I am happier in the clinic than I have ever been.

My professional network also connected me with my other part-time job in the profession, an opportunity I never would have gotten the chance to pursue if it wasn’t for the connections I have made over the last few years.

Knowing that I have a community of people that I can connect with and reach out to has been absolutely invaluable to my career as a veterinarian.

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