WVLDI is resolute in affirming our mission of supporting women and allies seeking leadership in the veterinary profession. While we respect diversity of thought, we stand with those working to expand the rights and equality of women, not those who seek to limit them.

As a predominately female profession, we assert that the ability for women to exercise self-determination is central to the path to leadership in veterinary medicine. We anticipate that the immediate and ongoing impact of the SCOTUS decision regarding Roe v. Wade will negatively affect the recruitment and retention of veterinary students, interns, residents, technicians, educators, and leaders.

This will only magnify our profession’s issues related to workforce shortages, pay inequities, lack of diversity, and leadership disparities. We call on workplaces, organizations, and legislators to make space for women and others who are impacted and put your allyship into action.

Expand our rights, not our limits.

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The WVLDI Board of Directors