Reflections from Dr. Tangela Williams-Hill, WVLDI President-elect

Participating in the “Breaking the Mold: The Career Possibilities are Endless” panel discussion at the AVMA in Denver was fulfilling and humbling. 

The objectives of the panel were:

  • Be able to identify the multitude of career areas in veterinary medicine.
  • Determine what aspects of the various areas interest them.
  • Learn from women panelists who have experience in a variety of industries in veterinary medicine.

The session included a diverse panel of women leaders, including Danielle Adney, a research veterinarian who has a DVM, Ph.D.; Danielle Alleman, a relief veterinarian who is also working on her master’s degree; and Priscilla Bowens, a veterinarian that is a triple threat. Dr. Bowens has a DVM, J.D., and a master’s degree in public health. I represented a veterinarian with several roles as a leader within industry.

The session was well attended and had great participation. The panel discussion was informal and engaged the audience. We found them curious about our current and past roles within the veterinary industry. The audience mainly represented early-career and mid-career veterinary professionals who had questions regarding knowing when it was time for a career change and were interested in learning about our personal leadership journeys. Several attendees stayed after the session to continue asking questions about our different occupations and diverse career paths. Overall, it was a successful event and left me truly inspired!

WVLDI is here to support women in veterinary medicine, no matter the stage in your career. Join us at our next panel to learn more about our work, how to navigate career changes, and explore the endless possibilities within this field.

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